Wellness At Work

Employee wellness programs have become a staple in many companies as a way to attract top talent, keep them happy and productive, and decrease employee turnover.
There are many benefits of creating a culture of wellbeing and health in a working environment. When integrated properly, wellness activities can help improve the health and productivity of employees, as well as helping to cut healthcare costs, sick leave, absenteeism, and presenteeism.
Here is a list of wellness program ideas, varying in cost and impact at Nilaya Spa:
We create lunchtime mindfulness or yoga sessions.
We organize a charity walk or a Volunteer day for our team.
We provide personalized nutrition counseling.
We give access to health assessments.
We offer free health and wellness books.
 Our team is provided with healthy snacks
We create flexible work hours for our employees.
We show our employees how they can improve their health
A simple mindfulness program could give employees the tools they need to manage all this stress. Mindfulness practice involves focused awareness and acceptance of the present.