The Right Pre-Bridal Regime

It’s almost here! The day you’ve dreamt about since you were a little girl. It’s your special day, with all eyes on you. And you deserve the perfect flawless skin.
But like all good things, getting there will take extra effort and care.

After all, Bridal Skincare requires you to go beyond your Regular Skincare Routine.
Great makeup can be a good fix, but that natural bridal glow makes all the difference, and, of course, makes the photographer’s job so much easier.

So, don’t forget the importance of Bridal Skincare and the time it takes for your skin to actually start showing results.

Bridal Care Before Marriage:
1. Start Getting Regular Body Massages.
2. Start Following a Healthy Diet.
3. Start Getting Facials.
4. Get Plenty of Good Quality Sleep.
5. Double Cleanse at Night.
6. Go All Natural To Detox Your Skin.
7. Keep Yourself Super Hydrated.
8. Start Applying Face Packs.
9. Manage Stress.
10. Start Practicing Yoga.