Thai Massage

The whole world is relaxing in the glory of Thai Massage; shouldn’t you also indulge in its benefits with Nilaya Spa.

Thai Massage, often called Thai Yoga Massage, is an energy and bodywork practice that originated in Thailand and is considered part of Traditional Thai Medicine. It appears to have been influenced by Buddhist, Indian and Chinese traditional practices. Thai Massage incorporates aspects of energy work, acupressure, and yoga traditions.

In a Thai Massage, Nilaya Spa practitioner will work segments of these lines using acupressure with their thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, feet or knees and you will enjoy the massage benefits.

Some of them are –

1. Thai Massage – It is the best way to balance your qi (energy), which in turn promotes physical and emotional healing.
2. You can experience a Zen-like state through Thai massage even when the masseur makes you move around and stretch in different Yoga postures.
3. It is only through Thai massage that you can derive the benefits of Trigger Point Treatments and Neuro Muscular therapy – both of which rejuvenate your body.
4. Thai massage is good for the texture of the skin as well as for its therapeutic value in treating illnesses.
5. This massage helps to detoxify your body and act as a boost to your immunity system.
6. For women, Thai massage is very beneficial as it improves their posture and lends their bodies a lot of grace and charm.

So all those people wishing to stay young forever, Nilaya Spa is the place to visit frequently.