Quick Fix Massages

Quick Fix Massages

Swedish Destress & Relaxing Massage( 60 /90 Min)

Allow the extra pampering & attention to your hands to make them soft, supple & beautiful.

Chakra Head Massage (30 Min)

A relaxing massaging technique for head and scalp, which loosens the thin layer of muscles covering the skull. This treatment helps to increase the constant supply of blood and can promote deep relaxation.

Thai Foot Reflexology (30 Min)

Based on the belief that there are reflex areas on the feet corresponding to all body parts including the major organs. Pressures are applied to accupoints, which are interrelated to the organs in the body. Beneficial in relieving pain and alleviating the source of pain.

Nilaya Kundali Back Massage (30 Min)

Invigorating bodywork specifically designed to relax muscles of your back by applying deep pressure to muscles, bones and rubbing concurrently with pressure towards the heart. This massage purposefully enhances oxygen flow in blood and helps muscles detoxification.

Indian Head, Shoulder & Foot Massage (45 Min)

A deep penetrating technique for releasing muscular tension from the scalp, neck and shoulders.This ancient Indian art of massage begins with a traditional Indian foot cleansing ritual followed by a gentle head massage for balancing the body and a pressure point foot massage for deep relaxation. Helps to resort the natural equilibrium of the body.

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