Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs

Scrubs and wraps always go hand in hand. They complement the holistic goodness of each other. For the most effective results, we recommend the two therapies in synergy.

It is our professional recommendation to preceed a body wrap with a body scrub. Scrubs slough off the natural build-up of dead skin cells. In-turn, this allows for maximum absorption of the wrap’s essential nutrients.

Black Terra Reviving Body Buffer(30 min)

An excellent body buffer with richness of essential oils of Tea Tree, Chamomile & Ylang  All natural Black mud scrub unclogs pores to removes trapped dirt particles & impurities. While smoothing and stimulating the skin, this relaxing body scrub will gently buff away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth, supple and refreshed.

Energizing Citrus & Mineral Body Polish (30 Min)

The principle ingredients of this invigorating body treatment enjoy an age-old reputation as skin healers, softeners & moisturizers. Used in conjunction with each other, this sculpting scrub is packed with refreshing & antiseptic ingredient like Himalayan Salt, Tangy Orange & Lemon. This Mineral enriched Salt scrub is uniquely formulated to smooth rough body skin, whilst allowing the essential oils to penetrate into the skin for deep nourishment, removing toxins & tighten skin to improve its texture.

Coffee Sugar Intense Nourishing Scrub (30 Min)

Indulge your senses as your body is relieved of all its dead skin cells by a delicious coffee enriched scrub. The stimulating caffeine benefits the skin by drawing out toxins from the body, brightening lacklustre skin with this exfoliating delicacy that gently sloughs away dry, flaky skin, leaving you delectably soft and smooth & delicately scented with the sweet,creamy smell of coffee.

Nilaya Kundali Back Massage (30 Min)

Invigorating bodywork specifically designed to relax muscles of your back by applying deep pressure to muscles, bones and rubbing concurrently with pressure towards the heart. This massage purposefully enhances oxygen flow in blood and helps muscles detoxification.

Indian Head, Shoulder & Foot Massage (45 Min)

A deep penetrating technique for releasing muscular tension from the scalp, neck and shoulders.This ancient Indian art of massage begins with a traditional Indian foot cleansing ritual followed by a gentle head massage for balancing the body and a pressure point foot massage for deep relaxation. Helps to resort the natural equilibrium of the body.

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