Nilaya Spa

The Nilaya Spa Experience

A Premium Spa Brand by R3 Naturals.Each spa offers the promise of services that are both unique and decadent creating the perfect symmetry of luxury and well-being.

From the moment a guest enters the Spa they are enveloped in a haven of relaxation. Our customized touch and experiential treatments make the ultimate destination. The Nilaya Spa seeks to create pathways for each guest to inner health and external beauty. Our therapists well-versed in the art of massage guide you through elevating experiences that result in reduced stress, skin revitalization and ultimate relaxation.

Choose from an array of Ayurvedic, European & Oriental influenced therapies to restore the vital energy of the body or select one of our carefully designed beauty therapies that impart nourishment and radiance.

Whatever your preference, a therapy at the Nilaya spa will leave you relaxed, revived & rejuvenated