Nature’s Apothecary – The Power of Essential Oils

Have you heard of aromatherapy? We at Nilaya Spa are thrilled with the discovery of this delicious world of aromas and essential oils for health. So we do a broad overview for those who do not know it; I hope you enjoy it!

The term aromatherapy is applied to a branch of herbal medicine: the name, aroma means “pleasant smell” and therapy “treatment which aims to cure a physical or mental disease”. It is a therapeutic practice that uses the properties of essential oils 100% pure to restore balance and personal harmony.

If you are thinking about creating a habit of using essential oils, this post gives you all the information you need to make informed decisions about essential oils, aromatherapy and what benefits of essential oils may be right for you.


Essential oils come from every single part of a plant (think leaves, flowers, roots, bark, and peels), but extraction and distillation is still a kind of crazy process. For example, it can reportedly require as much as 2,000 pounds of rose petals to create just one pound of essential oil. (That’s why the rose is so expensive.) Here are a few to try!

The granddaddy of aromatherapy and the most widely used essential oil in the world, lavender is incredibly versatile and a first-aid kit must. It soothes inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, takes the sting out of burns, and can be used to treat grief and insomnia. Lavender can also be diffused to help lift depressive states, headaches, and stress.

The inspiration for all of the greatest love poetry, sensual rose oil has fantastic soothing, confidence-boosting, and rejuvenating properties and also treats PMS symptoms and irregular menstrual cycles.

Sandalwood, like rose, can be an aphrodisiac, but it’s also really balancer and calmer. In aromatherapy, it’s rich, sweet aroma is used to infuse emotional stability, and to treat stress and urinary tract infections.

Literal and metaphorical sunshine in a bottle, orange helps increase energy and spark, while dispelling fatigue and dreary sensations in the body and mind. It’s also a great decongestant and can be used to stimulate the lymph and treat cellulite.

Eucalyptus is best known as an upper respiratory tract protector for colds or bronchial congestion, sinusitis, and practically all icky symptoms associated with flu.