Hair Care Regime for Chemically Treated Hair

Healthy hair begins with a plan – it doesn’t just happen – and if you are just starting out on your natural hair journey, then you will need to develop your own personalized hair care regimen. You may be unsure of how to start, but Nilaya Spa is here to help!
Building your hair care regimen for chemically treated hair does not have to be a challenging task, especially if you use these hair care tips.

♦ First and foremost, be VERY careful while selecting your shampoo and conditioner.

♦ Avoid washing your hair every day as that strips it of its natural oils.

♦ Using a deep conditioning mask for 5-10 minutes is very fruitful.

♦ Cover up in the sun! The sun’s rays aren’t just bad for your skin; they harm your chemically treated hair too.

♦ Schedule regular haircuts, or at least trims, to get rid of the dull and dry ends that chemicals tend to cause when they strip away moisture.

♦ Avoid using hot water to wash the hair, always opt for lukewarm water to rinse the hair.

♦ Schedule monthly hair spa to the salon or do it yourself at home.

♦ Lastly, try to space out chemical treatments as much as possible. Excessive amounts of chemicals applied to the hair cause breakage, hair loss, dullness and split ends.