Deep Tissue Massage and Its Benefits

Our bodies are designed to let us know when something is wrong or damaged — unfortunately, usually through pain or discomfort. Maybe you have scar tissue from injury or prolonged wear-and-tear, or muscle knots that are disrupting circulation or causing inflammation. If so, deep-tissue massage may offer the relief you need to feel at your best again. It’s also your best bet for chronic aches and frequently strained areas like your neck, upper back, and legs.

How deep-tissue is different

A Deep Tissue Massage at Nilaya Spa is a therapy that involves realigning layers of muscles and tissues deep beneath the surface of the skin. This type of therapy at Nilaya is used most often and is indeed beneficial in cases of stiff, tense muscles. The most common muscles to need Deep Tissue Massage are neck muscles, lower back muscles, and shoulder muscles. These hard to reach areas are assisted by our professional massage therapist to loosen the muscles, alleviate tension, and promote greater well-being.

Deep Tissue Massages have many benefits! Here is a list of several benefits we at Nilaya use Deep Tissue Massages for:

♦ Reduced Mobility / Reduced Muscle Movement.
♦ Chronic Muscle Pain.
♦ Fibromyalgia.
♦ Injury From Repetition (such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)).
♦ Poor Posture.
♦ Injury Recovery (such as after an accident).
♦ Increased Levels of Muscle Tension.