Authentic Thai Massage – The Right Technique and Benefits

When you think of massage, you probably expect to be a passive participant — lying under a blanket as a masseuse presses and kneads your tight muscles. However, a Thai massage is a whole different experience. Asanas, or yoga poses, are also part of this Eastern massage tradition.

Historical Significance

The roots of Thai massage date back to the founder of the practice, Shivago Komarpaj, known as Father Doctor. He was a doctor and friend to the Buddha. Ancient medical texts were carved in stone to preserve the tradition of Thai massage and these can be seen upon the walls in the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok.

The ancient knowledge and practice of Thai massage have been passed down from parents to children, ensuring that generations continue to benefit from these traditional techniques.

This practice promotes positive energy circulation, so you feel balanced and rejuvenated. Traditional Thai massage has numerous other benefits too, including reduction of pain and stress.

1. Mindful Rest:
Lying down in a dimly-lit room, the very commitment to a massage is a way of surrendering to the here and now; of allowing your body and mind to flow as slow, methodical movements lull you into a restful, centered state. By disengaging from the hubbub around you and the sensory overload of life, taking a massage in R3 Spa gives you space and time to let go of stresses and strains; a meditational therapy that guides you to experience the ‘now’ in a liberating way that resonates throughout your whole being.

2. Eases Muscle & Joint Pain:
The power of human touch is extraordinary when it comes to affecting your emotional and physical wellbeing. One of the instant results of relaxing into a massage in R3 Spa is how the kneading, rocking, and static pressure can work its therapeutic magic on tired and aching muscles and alleviate tension in joints and fascia. As mobility is improved, and muscles stretched, your muscles and joints feel less heavy and pain can be relieved too.

3. Energy Releasing:
Whether you have a foot or full body massage, the effect is to relax and energize you at the same time, leaving you feeling lighter and less sluggish. Working along so-called Sen lines, energy is moved around the body so that any restricted or blocked flow is released through chakras that are akin to the traditional acupuncture points and trigger points. Movements that manipulate, massage, stretch, and create pressure are a way of maintaining internal balance and connecting the body, mind, and beyond in harmony; releasing energy along the way.

4. Yoga-Inspired Wellness:
Our therapist moves your body into yoga positions, creating stretch, flexibility, and extending your range of motion without you having to sweat it out in a yoga class; perfect for those who are physically limited due to injury or illness as well as being an introduction to movement for those not used to exercise. If you are a fitness fan, a massage can complement your exercise plan, reducing muscular pains and problems.

5. Customized Therapy:
Usually, Traditional Thai Massage begins with you lying on your back whilst the therapist works up from your feet, before you turn over, with some possible movements whilst you are on your side too, before you flip over. Our well-trained practitioner will focus on areas of the body that need more work as well as vary the strength from light touches to deeper tissue massage and more demanding stretches. The key is to feel relaxed and comfortable.

6. Restful Slumber:
Any time of the day is perfect for a massage and many massage-lovers like nothing better than unwinding as the sun sets, whether with a beachfront treat or a spa therapy in the comfort of a luxury vacation villa rental, surrounded by nature. A massage at night is the ideal way to guide your body and mind into a restorative sleep; a healing night’s rest that allows your body to rejuvenate and feel refreshed.

7. Circulatory & Lymphatic System Boost:
As the body’s energy is realigned, blood pressure is believed to be lowered as the circulatory system and lymph drainage are anecdotally thought to benefit too. More oxygen and greater detoxification promotes greater mental clarity, enhances energy levels and brings about a raft of health advantages too such as reducing strain on the cardiovascular system. A Thai massage is a perfect antidote after a long flight, a day of sightseeing or simply to combat the effects of the tropical heat.

8. Positive Emotions:
With mindful relaxation and movements taking your relaxation to a deeper place, Traditional Thai Massage can release a pressure-valve of pent-up emotional energy too. You may experience a feeling of letting go of negative thoughts and as your cortisol levels reduce and your serotonin neurotransmitters increase your body is flooded with feel-good hormones as stress dissipates. At the same time, the tension experienced in your muscles begins to dissolve too, adding to your sense of wellbeing. Taking time to pamper yourself is positive too.