Acupressure for Self Healing

Who knew pressure points could be so sweet? With hundreds of options for addressing pain, headaches, and even nausea, acupressure might be just what you need.
One of the basic techniques of acupressure is holding 2 points on the body and listening, then feeling what is going on in your own body and under your fingertips. With this deep type of listening, acupressure allows us to work with our own energy flow to balance out the energies that release blocks and painful stress patterns, so we can attain optimal health in our body.

Self-Healing Technique:

1. Choose any 2 points on the body to hold that are tight or sensitive. Place one finger or thumb on each point.

2. Feel what is going on under your fingertips, breathe, listen actively sensing your own body and what is happening under your 2 points, wait, allow, and notice. Touch the points gently and with focused attention.

3. Observe the interaction between the points. When the points release heat, cold, pulsate at the same time, soften, or tingle you can choose to let go of the points.

4. Switch points. You can switch both points or you can hold one point with one hand and move the other hand to a different point.

5. Have fun and play around with different points. Explore your whole body. Find out where you are tight and sensitive and how different points support and release each other. Some will be more effective than others. This type of exploration allows you to work with and strengthen your own innate healing abilities.

Thank you for your willingness to learn and raise your awareness to heal yourself with Nilaya Spa.